How We Help Guide You Through Your Recruitment Journey

mygotgame's Four-Step Process

Step One

Initial Consultation, Review, and Analysis

Upon purchasing a Prospect Pro membership, you will be immediately assigned your own personal mygotgame Recruitment Coach. Your designated coach will provide hands-on guidance, immediate direction, and start to develop your customized marketing plan which will be used to get you on the best path for your situation and goals. 

During this initial phase, your Recruitment Coach will connect directly with those around you: your high school and travel coaches, your parents, your trainers -- everyone who knows you as both an athlete and person. This will help establish the anticipated level of play (D1/D2/D3) which you are suited for.  We will also discuss academics and clearly assess which schools you see aligning best with your anticipated areas of study and academic majors of interest. 

Your Recruitment Coach, along with one of our Recruitment Specialists (college or professional players and/or coaches who are aligned with your sport), will then assess and evaluate your mygotgame Profile. A full review and fine-tuning of your current online presence is a key step to ensure you are putting your best foot forward to recruiters.

Our team will then develop a personalized Recruitment Plan (broken into 90-day increments) which will act as your blueprint that will maximize your chance of success on your journey to being recruited!

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Step Two

Target List Development

Once your mygotgame Profile is finalized and your personalized Recruitment Plan has been developed, your Recruitment Coach will create a comprehensive list of your target schools. This list will reflect all potential candidates. Complete details on all athletic programs in your Target List will be provided for your review.

Your Recruitment Coach will then work one-on-one with you and your family to help narrow down your Target List so focus can be put on the schools that are the best fit for your strengths, preferences, and goals.


Step Three

Direct Communication with College Coaches on Your Behalf

Once your Target List has been finalized and approved, your Recruitment Coach will reach out directly to the decision makers at your selected schools.

This communication can take the form of phone calls, video meetings, text messages, and/or emails – whatever it takes to get you on their radar!

Your Recruitment Coach will then provide you and your family with weekly updates on the feedback received from the college coaches who have expressed an interest in you.

Our assistance in this process will ensure that the best opportunities for you are quickly capitalized on while helping to minimize the uncertainties which can unfold during the recruiting journey.

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Step Four

Roster Opening Monitoring & Continued Dialogue

In reality, the athlete’s journey to recruitment into a collegiate sports program is often a multi-step process.

Once your Recruitment Coach has established a direct line of communication with interested programs, he or she will go further to determine exactly which programs have roster openings for your position on the field or court and vigorously promote you to those programs.


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