Our Recruitment Playbook

Part 2: Building Your Resume & Brand

The days of simply selling yourself with a paper resume that was mailed to a prospective employer are long gone.  Similarly, this approach has evolved rapidly with ever changing technologies in the game of college athletic recruiting.

These days, building both your resume and your brand will ultimately help build your legacy.  Your achievements in competition are weighed equally with those in the classroom and in your community.  They are a reflection of your achievements, your character, your past, present and future.

Without credibility, an individual has very little to sell about themselves.  That’s why it’s never too early to build your resume and make your brand stand out above the others.  There’s a reason why companies put so many resources into building their brand — it helps them achieve their goals while at the same time plotting a course for the next steps on their journey.

Believe it or not, you’ve been building your resume and your brand all along.  The success you’ve earned along the way is the foundation of your resume — the actions you’ve displayed and the character that you’ve built are the building blocks for your brand.

Here are some tips and items you’ll want to consider and share when assembling your resume for college coaches and recruiters:

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