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We help your athletes pursue their goal of playing college sports!

With more and more recruiters going online to find the perfect prospect, you need to have all your athletic and academic skill sets showcased and easily searchable. That’s where My Got Game comes in!

We provide you with a FREE online profile that’s designed to allow you to get all of your relevant stats and info in front of the eyeballs of college coaches, scouts, and recruiters.

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How Does It Work?

Getting Started Is Easy

Just sign up for your free account and create your profile in just minutes. You can then create a team page as well. There you can list all of your players and monitor their recruiting process, calendar your events, and update scores and news as it relates to your team and players.
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Use Your Profile to Promote Your Players And Team

College coaches and recruiters will have access to this information as well which will help your players, parents and organization get noticed and recognized.
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Become An Affiliate As A Way To Fundraise For Your Team

By becoming a My Got Game Partner you can generate revenue to help offset those travel costs. It's actually a great fundraiser and team marketing venture!

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Other Useful Tools

Our Recruitment Playbook 
We offer a comprehensive recruitment guide to help your athletes in their journey to recruitment into a college sports program.

As you know, when a player is on the court or field they can either wait for the ball to come to them — or they can be engaged, anticipating, ready for the next play, and go after it.

This is our same approach when it comes to recruiting and making student athletes available to most optimum college that’s fit for them!

View Table of Contents

2020 Database of College Coaches 
We also provide you access to our college coach’s directory where you can reach out to your athlete's target schools.  The directory is searchable with filters based on your criteria.

View Sample Database

Event Locator
We have an event locater built in whereby you can search events that you think would be beneficial for your athletes to attend.  Perhaps a college coach will be attending which would be a great opportunity for them to shine.

View Events Directory

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