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We help you find the perfect prospects for your team or sports program!

In this current environment everything has become digital as it relates to recruiting. Massive exposure events and tournaments that showcase talent is where most of the larger programs will go and evaluate talent.

But what about those "off the radar players" that end up coming from no where? Where is that needle in a hay stack guy? Easy to ask but hard to answer. Until now.

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How Does It Work?

Getting Started Is Easy

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Powerful And Flexible Searching And Filtering

Our flexible search tool helps you locate that "needle in a haystack". Sort and filter athletes based on any number of parameters such as:

  • Age and Gender
  • Location
  • Graduation Year
  • Height and Weight
  • Sport-specific stats (e.g. RBIs)
  • Academic stats (e.g. SAT score)
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Customized Target Lists

You can also provide My Got Game with custom target list (with or without names) based on your upcoming needs. We can then go into "stealth mode" and generate a custom list of potential targets that fits your criteria.

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