Partner Program

Help student athletes pursue their dream of playing college sports


If you are a youth coach, run a youth sports league, or are affiliated with youth sports in some fashion and want to spread the word about My Got Game — here is your chance and it's totally free!

Perhaps you are a travel ball coach and want to help your athletes play college sports plus generate some side income at the same time?

Our Partner Program can make that happen! Think of it as an ongoing fundraiser that runs 24/7 in the background, generating income for you month after month, year after year.


How Does It Work?

Just create your free partner account. Once approved, you will receive a login and a unique Partner Link.

It will be based on your username and will look like this: https://mygotgame.com/jsmith.htm

Give your Partner Link to anyone who you think might want to become a member at My Got Game.

If they use your link to sign up, you get credit for the signup and are paid for it. It’s that easy!

Better yet, if they purchase a Membership Upgrade or one of our College Coach Databases you get credit for that too!

Program Details

  • Commission Types:

    • $50.00 for each member who upgrades to a Premium Membership

    • $50.00 for each member who subscribes to a College Coach Database

    • $1.00 for each account registration you refer to us

    Payout Requirements:

    Minimum balance of $100.00 required for payout.

  • Payment Method:
    All payments are electronically paid via PayPal. (PayPal account required.)

    Payment Frequency:
    Payments are made once per month, for the previous month's referrals.

  • Full Marketing Support:

    Your Partner Dashboard will come pre-loaded with professionally-designed marketing materials that you can use to promote your Partner Link.

    You can place these materials anywhere online or offline:

    • On your social media pages
    • On your own website or blog
    • In an email newsletter
    • In your email signature
    • On a flyer or poster
    • Even on your business card

    The possibilities are endless!

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