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Got Game? Get Recruited!

We help your child pursue his or her dream of playing college sports!

With more and more recruiters going online to find the perfect prospect, your child needs to have all their athletic and academic skill sets showcased and easily searchable. That’s where mygotgame comes in!

We provide you with a FREE online profile that’s designed to help your student athlete succeed.

Successful recruiting will require your active involvement — when to be hands on and when to be hands off. We help guide your child every step of the way.

Getting Started Is Easy

Build Your Profile

Just sign up for your free account and create your profile. You can then start helping your child add their athletic stats, academic info, contact info, photo galleries, highlight videos, and more! Add as much as or as little as you like.

Have some amazing photos of your child during the big game? Post them in your photo gallery! And how about that incredible clip on YouTube of them scoring the winning goal? Post it to your video gallery!

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Use Your Profile to Promote Your Student Athlete

Search & Connect

Once your profile is looking like you want it to, you can create a FREE custom profile link to your mygotgame page.

That link becomes a powerful tools that you can use anywhere you are promoting your child to college coaches, recruiters, or scouts!


Other Useful Stuff

Database of College Coaches

We also provide you access to our college coach’s directory where you can reach out to your child's target schools. The directory is searchable with filters based on your criteria.

A free mygotgame account required to purchase annual subscription to college coach database.

Our Recruitment Playbook

We offer a comprehensive recruitment guide to help you along the way.  When your child is on the court or field, they can either wait for the ball to come to them or they can be engaged, anticipating, mentally involved and ready for the next play.   
This is our same approach when it comes to recruiting and making your child available to the colleges that are they best fit for them.  You can take control of the college recruiting within our system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will see my child's profile?

Their profile will be visible to college coaches, scouts, and recruiters.

Which sport profile types does mygotgame include?

We currently have custom profile types for:

Basketball, baseball, football, soccer, tennis, golf, lacrosse, and track and field

Basketball, softball, volleyball, soccer, tennis, golf, lacrosse, and track and field

Who can benefit from becoming a mygotgame member?

If your child is a McDonald’s High School All American and listed in the Top Ten on all the ranking boards, then they probably don’t need any help from us.  Nike or Adidas may already be at their door.  

However there are thousands of other players and other D1, D2, D3, NAIA, and JUCO coaches that could be helped. 

My child is serious about playing college sports. When should they start promoting their athletic skill set?

We recommend they start this process their first year in middle school or Junior High, basically about 7th grade or 12-14 years old.  There are numerous stories of college coaches following kids in middle school. 

When should my child start reaching out to college coaches and programs they are interested in?

We recommend as a general rule they start reaching out to college coaches their freshman year in high school to get the dialogue going and develop at least for now an online relationship. Have them go ahead and create their mygotgame profile in the middle school and junior high so by the time they hit high school they have some history.  If they missed that start date, no problem – just get started now.

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