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My Got Game helps student athletes from all across the country pursue their dream of playing college sports.

That includes helping them locate the events that will help them achieve their goals!

How Can We Help?

Behind Every Athlete Is A Team

No student athlete — no matter how talented or dedicated — makes the journey alone. For example, supporting each athlete is:

  • a parent or parents (or legal guardian)
  • a high school coach
  • a high school administrator
  • a high school athletic director
  • a travel ball or club coach
  • plus other family members and friends

On average there are ten non-athletes associated in some way with every student athlete! And many of those types of supporters have profiles on My Got Game. That's how we give you a unique way to better promote your event to all those types of potential attendees!

That type of smart promotion can help you greatly increase your event's gate attendance and concession revenue.

Sponsorship Options

Depending on the size, location, availability and schedule of your event, My Got Game could also partner with you and attend, cover, and promote your event along with promoting My Got Game services and features.

We Can Co-Sponsor Your Event

Let us help you build and grow your event's audience and generate revenue for you.

In this scenario we act as a title sponsor for your event.

Your event's attendees receive a special 50% discount on all our upgrade packages (a $150 value) for the duration of your event and we pay you a referral fee $50 for each one of these attendee purchases!

Pre-and post-event and post event promotion on this site and on social media. In exchange, we require attendee contact information for post-event follow up.

We Can Be A Direct Sponsor

Let us help you promote your event too.

In this scenario we act as a title sponsor based on an agreed fee schedule.

In return we receive a full contact information of attendees for pre- and post- event follow up. We also provide marketing materials that you can hand out at your event's registration desk or other location.

Other Useful Tools

Our Self-Promotion Guide 
We offer a DIY marketing tool kit to help you along the way.  When you are on the court or field you can either wait for the ball to come to you or you can be engaged, anticipating, mentally involved and ready for the next play and go after it.   
This is our same approach when it comes to recruiting and making yourself available to most optimum college that’s fit for you.  You can take control of the college recruiting within our system.  There are some do’s and don’ts that you should be aware of.

View Preview

2020 Database of College Coaches 
We also provide you access to our college coach’s directory where you can reach out to your target schools.  The directory is searchable with filters based on your criteria.

View Sample Database

Event Locator
We have an event locater built in whereby you can search events that you think would be beneficial for you to attend.  Perhaps a college coach will be attending which would be a great opportunity to you shine.

View Events Directory

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will see my profile?

Your profile will be visible to college coaches, scouts, and recruiters.

Which sport profile types does My Got Game include?

We currently have custom profile types for:

Basketball, baseball, football, soccer, tennis, golf, lacrosse, and track and field

Basketball, softball, volleyball, soccer, tennis, golf, lacrosse, and track and field

Who can benefit from becoming a My Got Game member?

f you are a McDonald’s High School All American and listed in the top 10 on all the ranking boards then you probably don’t need any help from us.  Nike or Adidas may already be at your door.  

However there are thousands of other players and other D1, D2, D3, NAIA, and JUCO coaches that could be helped. 

I’m serious about playing college sports. When should I start promoting my athletic skill set?

We recommend you start this process your first year in middle school or Junior High, basically about 7th grade or 12-14 years old.  There are numerous stories of college coaches following kids in middle school. 

When should I start reaching out to college coaches and programs I’m interested in?

We recommend as a general rule you start reaching out to college coaches your freshman year in high school to get the dialogue going and develop at least for now an online relationship.  Go ahead and start you profile in the middle school and junior high so by the time you hit high school you have some history.  If you missed that start date, no problem – just get started now.

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