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mygotgame helps student athletes from all across the country pursue their dream of playing college sports. That includes helping them locate the events that will help them achieve their goals!

By creating a free mygotgame profile for your organization, you can promote your events to a wider audience.

Behind Every Athlete Is A Team

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No student athlete — no matter how talented or dedicated — makes their recruitment journey alone.

For example, supporting each athlete is a parent or parents, a high school coach, a travel ball or club coach, plus other family members and friends.

On average there are ten non-athletes associated in some way with every student athlete! And many of those types of supporters have profiles on mygotgame. That's how we give you a unique way to better promote your event to all those types of potential attendees!

That type of smart promotion can help you greatly increase your event's gate attendance and concession revenue.

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Sponsorship Options

Depending on the size, location, availability and schedule of your event, mygotgame could also partner with you and attend, cover, and promote your event along with promoting mygotgame services and features.

Your event's attendees receive a special 50% discount on all our upgrade packages (a $150 value) for the duration of your event and we pay you a $50 referral fee for all these attendee purchases!

We Can Co-Sponsor Your Event

Let us help grow your event's audience and revenue.

In this scenario we act as a title sponsor for your event and provide pre- and post-event promotion on this site and on social media.

In exchange, we require attendee contact information for post-event follow up.

We Can Be A Direct Sponsor

Let us take the next step and help you promote your event too.

In this scenario we act as a title sponsor based on an agreed fee schedule.

In return we receive a full contact information of attendees for pre- and post- event follow up. We also provide marketing materials that you can hand out at your event's registration desk or other location.

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