“Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.”
John Wooden, Legendary UCLA basketball coach

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If you are not a four or five-star student-athlete, you and your parents can get overwhelmed and frustrated with the difficult challenge of athletic recruiting. What Student-Athletes find out is that navigating college scholarship options can be very stressful and adding sports into the equation brings it to a whole new level.

Some will say that recruiting for your child has become a full-time job. For those who don’t have all that time, it helps to have Mygotgame catering to your interest in getting you or your child every opportunity to gain that scholarship.

At Mygotgame, we understand what every high school student-athlete and parent is going through. Coach Dan Wilson, the founder of Mygotgame, experienced firsthand what the college recruiting experience is like — as a player, coach, and father. This prompted him to come up with solutions that will make the student-athlete experience more efficient and fun with better results.  Innovating with advanced online technology, a robust high school and college coach network, he leveraged using proven recruiting methods to help student-athletes and parents of all backgrounds get faster resolution on their recruiting efforts. Backed by a team of Olympic athletes, former NFL athletes, past collegiate athletes, and high school former sports icons, Mygotgame is poised to help thousands of high school student-athletes attain their dream of college scholarships.

It does not matter if you are a high school freshman or a late-blooming senior, Mygotgame will help take the stress off the typical recruiting chaos, the competitive atmosphere, and make your recruiting journey less stressful by putting a plan in place to help you find your best college options.

mygotgame’s Systematic Approach

We understand every student-athlete's goal is unique and at Mygotgame we take everything into consideration during the evaluation period. We adopt a comprehensive approach that addresses every phase of the recruiting process. At the end of the day, we want to make sure that your choice fits your personality, goals, and aspirations, so we focus on the key elements below to make sure you hit your key milestones and ultimately become that college scholar student-athlete.

 Every mygotgame member can expect to play a very active role in their recruiting process and we will be by your side every step of the way.  Recruiting, like any other sport, demands a high level of commitment, patience, persistence, and competitive spirit.

The following briefly outlines the typical recruiting journey with Mygotgame.

Setting College Goals

This is the most important thing to consider before even thinking about playing college sports. Families should come up with this goal together. Things to consider include type of college, major to study, what sports, etc.

Review and Plan for Academic Eligibility

You cannot compete if you are not academically eligible and schools won't look your way if you cant show you will be eligible academically. We’ll review NCAA core course requirements, GPA, transcripts, ACT and SAT test schedules, and recommend a course of action to maximize your academic standing.

Create Your FREE Mygotgame Online Profile

We will assist you in optimizing your online profile for maximum publicity. Get exposure to college coaches who are actively filling rosters. Your profile will feature highlight videos, basic physical specs, key stats for your sport, academic info, a personal statement, and more.

Compile Video Highlights/Skills

The first thing any coach or recruiter will see is a video of your highlights or basic skills so coaches can get a good sense of your athleticism. Making sure it tells the story you want to put across is our optimal goal.

Objective assessment of Best College Level Fit

One of our recruiting experts in your sport will evaluate your video, designate a star rating, and make college division recommendations. This unbiased, professional evaluation is extremely valuable to college coaches and helps you focus your college search.

Connecting to College Coaches & Communication Training

Our accessible communication center allows you to fluidly track and organize all of your council trainer emails. It’s easy to see what’s been transferred and the responses you’ve entered. Of course, we will provide all the dispatches training you need, including social media, through online drills available at mygotgame or with one on one guiding sessions.

Camps, Combines, Tournaments, and Showcases

Mygotgame will give you access to our innovative events tracking tool ensuring that you attend the right events for your sport in order to get great exposure. You can get the most out of the time and money you spend on events that are the best fit for you.

Free Online ACT/SAT Preparation

Better test scores can help create more college options and potentially additional opportunities for financial aid and merit-based scholarships. That’s why NCSA’s MVP members have free access to comprehensive, self-paced online test preparation tools from Method Test Prep. We’ll also discuss testing strategies, like when to take and retake the tests, to give you the best scores possible.

Prepping for Official and Unofficial College Visits

The mygotgame staff will assist you in preparing for potential visits and coach you on how to make a winning impression. In addition, there are tons of articles and information that you can use as resources to make you stand out.

College Application Counseling and Financial Aid Planning

All Student-athletes, like all potential college freshmen, need to understand the college application process and know how to get the most from financial aid. Mygotgame gives you the necessary resources to fill out Common Application as well as how and when to complete your Federal Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA.)

Evaluate and Leverage College Offers

There is nothing more invigorating than getting multiple offers from colleges. mygotgame can help guide and inform your decisions, teach you how to leverage offers, and figure out how and when to turn a verbal offer into a written commitment.

Please note that not every student-athlete will complete the recruiting process or receive an offer. Some student-athletes may discover passion for their sport may not be as strong as their passion for a chosen major, so they decide to put academics first. Some may decide to choose to go pro or look at other alternatives. Others may find a school they love and chose to walk on, rather than sign with a college that’s extending an offer. Either way, it is all about the journey and the discovery.

Every recruiting journey is different, some succeed, and some do not. remember you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, according to Michael Jordan. Rest assured, with mygotgame you will have access to the right people, the right technology, and the right network to help you and your family make one of the most important decisions for your student-athlete experience.

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