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Why Using An Athletic Recruiting Service Is Necessary

By Matt Musico

Life isn’t meant to be lived alone. For every successful person you see, there is a sea of people behind them who have served as a tremendous support system along their journey. 

Now more than ever, that entire idea has been tested. Quarantine life and stay-at-home orders during the COVID-19 pandemic has made it that much harder to stay connected with family, friends, coaches, mentors and anyone else important to you. This simple fact is a good reminder that we should be focusing even more on our support system, and that’s especially the case for high school students navigating the college admissions experience. Taking it a step further, it’s also crucial for student-athletes who have hopes of continuing to play at the next level.

Many aspiring athletic recruits have similar hopes and dreams of becoming a hotly pursued recruit, meaning there’s little-to-no-work that needs to be done prior to deciding on where to enroll for the upcoming fall. It’s a tempting thought for many reasons, and it feels like a possible outcome because we see 3-, 4-, and 5-star recruits enjoy that experience every year. Their performance allows them the luxury of just managing communication with coaches before committing. 

Unfortunately, this kind of athletic recruitment experience is the exception, not the rule. These are the blue-chip athletic recruits — you know, the ones we see ranked on ESPN, 247 Sports or Rivals. They essentially need to just make sure they stay healthy, do their homework and not break any recruiting regulations, and by doing so they’ll have their choice of where to play in college. However, the majority of athletic recruits are yellow-chip recruits. They’re a tier below from an athletic standpoint and have to get more involved in marketing themselves — whether it’s finding the right showcases to attend or introducing themselves via email — in order to continue their athletic career in college. 

Whether you’ve seen people walk through the athletic recruitment experience a million times or your process is your first exposure to it, you shouldn’t be doing this alone. By getting to this point, you’ve established that participating in college athletics is very important. With the supply-and-demand nature of the NCAA and NAIA, you need someone with experience to help you traverse this proverbial mountain.

We already touched on how many high school athletes go on to play NCAA-sponsored sports each year, but let’s break it down with a couple of specific examples. 

If you’re a baseball player with hopes of playing college ball, the NCAA tells us only 7.5% of high school players make that jump. Furthermore, if you want to play Division I baseball, that percentage drops to 2.2%. If you’re a women’s basketball player, there’s a 4.1% chance of you playing college sports at all, and just a 1.3% chance of playing Division I. 

As we’ve said before, these numbers aren’t meant to make you think achieving this goal is impossible. We’re sharing them so you can wrap your head around exactly how much competition there is out there, and that there’s not a huge margin of error. The athletic recruitment process is most certainly not anything close to a life-or-death situation, but if this is a vital part of your impending college experience, you need to get the details right. 

mygotgame is that guide you need to reach the top of that mountain. You’ve already seen the type of value having a *free* profile can bring to the table. You’ve also seen how much easier outreach efforts would be by having an entire database of contact information for coaches at your fingertips. There’s even the Recruitment Playbook, helping you through each step of the process, providing a blueprint along the way. 

It’s uncomfortable to market yourself and your skills to a bunch of strangers -- even more so when you’re doing it for the first time ever. College admissions and athletic recruitment are very student-focused, and it’s difficult for many prospective recruits to openly put themselves out there when they’ve never really had to do it before. These resources help make the process less scary -- especially when you’re at the beginning and trying to figure out what the first step is. 

Nobody does anything alone, and there’s nothing wrong with asking for help when you really need it. Some may view asking for help as a sign of weakness, but it’s really a sign of strength and maturity because you know there are other experienced people who can help keep you focused on reaching your goal. An athletic recruitment service like mygotgame has all the resources you need in one convenient place. There are times throughout this experience where you can feel like you’re being pulled in 10 or 20 different directions. Instead of getting lost on the internet, you’ll save a bunch of time and stress by having a trusted resource on hand to answer the questions that come up along the way. 

With that in mind, what are you waiting for?! Head on over and start building your athlete profile on mygotgame today to begin your journey toward not only becoming an athletic recruit, but also end up being a college athlete by the time you arrive on campus.


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