Our Recruitment Playbook

Part 6: Responsiveness & Responsibility

The lines of communication have been established.  You’ve made your first contacts.  You’re receiving responses.  You’re starting to get noticed.

The recruiting process is officially underway!

Your event calendar is filling up.  Your profile is being updated constantly.  The excitement is building, but the hard work is only beginning.

It’s time to focus on two key factors that solely lie with you — responsiveness and responsibility.

It would prove futile for you to go through all of this work and effort to not follow through.  You’ve asked coaches to take note of everything you’re doing to fulfill your dreams of a collegiate athletic career.  You’ve created that communication — don’t end the conversation by taking things for granted.

It's time to be responsive.  This is an essential part of your marketing strategy that helps build your brand.  Coaches want to see how you interact in a variety of settings.  Make sure you’re sending the right message.

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