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How Can Athletic Recruits Market Themselves Effectively?

By Matt Musico

Navigating the experience of becoming a college athlete can be long and arduous. But as a famous Chinese proverb tells us, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” 

If you’re not getting a ton of attention from college coaches just yet, don’t be discouraged. While it’s easy to think playing your sport of choice in college is impossible without getting actively recruited, this just means you’ll need to put in more effort to make it a reality. That’s actually how many athletic recruits end up securing a roster spot on varsity college squads. 

If you’re not one of the nation’s top recruits for your specific sport, it’s crucial to learn how to effectively market yourself to coaches you want to get noticed by. You’ll also need to have the right tools at your disposal.

That’s where mygotgame comes in to help take your recruitment efforts to the next level. 

Creating A mygotgame Profile

College coaches are notoriously busy because they’re constantly giving their attention to a number of efforts. At any particular time of the year, they’re not only thinking about and preparing their current roster to succeed, but they’re also trying to secure the best possible recruiting class for the future.

With that in mind, it’s worth noting that college coaches appreciate brevity and having all the information they need in one spot. mygotgame’s online athletic profiles were created with this in mind. When sharing your information to coaches, prospective athletic recruits will attach any (or all) of the following: an athletic resume, an unofficial transcript, standardized test scores, and a highlight video (or multiple clips).

That’s a lot of stuff to keep together, especially for a coach who is constantly multi-tasking. Creating and filling out a mygotgame profile gives them everything they need to get acquainted with you and your skills, along with just holding onto a simple URL to keep tabs on what you’re doing into the future. 

In the “About” tab, you can share details regarding athletic and educational statistics, a brief bio, and contact information for your parents, high school coaches, and any club/travel coaches. Oh, yea — and don’t forget to update your profile picture and cover photo!

There are dedicated areas to create albums and upload videos, too. When you register for your free profile on mygotgame, you’ll notice its setup is similar to a typical social media network. Since that’s second nature to many, it’s easy for owners and viewers to navigate and view exactly what they’re looking for.

Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

You’ve taken the time to carefully create and fill out your mygotgame profile, so now what? With this great marketing tool in hand, it’s time to, well, market yourself!

There are two easy ways to start putting yourself out there: sending introductory emails to coaches and sharing your information/highlights on social media. 

When it comes to beginning coach outreach, you can end up wasting a lot of time simply tracking down all the email addresses you need. Between school, sports, training, and everything else that comes with being an active and involved teenager, you likely don’t have a ton of spare time on your hands.

Lucky for you, we’ve done that work so you can focus on what’s really important: putting your best foot forward with an email. Between men’s and women’s sports, we have detailed coach databases available for 16 sports, equaling more than 10,000 total coaches, and it’s growing rapidly each week. These databases not only include a coach’s contact details, but also the ability to search and filter by college, name, city, state, zip code, and division (check out a sample database to see what it looks like). And since they’re in our database, you don’t have to leave mygotgame to send that email — taking the first step toward playing college athletics is just one click away with our direct email contact. 

This introductory note should be brief, providing basic details about yourself and your desire to get evaluated by the coaching staff you’re contacting. In addition to that, this is the perfect opportunity to drop a link to your mygotgame profile. Having and sharing a complete profile shows you’re taking this experience seriously, but more importantly, putting all your information into something so user friendly makes the coach’s job much easier, and they appreciate that.

After you’ve sent some emails, don’t forget to use your social media profiles — like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram — to your advantage. They may be fun places to hang out, but there are many coaches on those platforms actively looking for talent. So, you should be sharing the link to your profile periodically, highlight clips showcasing your skills, and tagging appropriate accounts that’ll share your information to increase its reach. With so much uncertainty and limitations put on in-person showcases and clinics due to COVID-19, finding ways to get yourself in front of a coach’s eyes from the comfort of your own couch is more important than ever before.

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