10 Tips for Creating a Student-Athlete Highlight Recruiting Video

Coaches use video clips of athletes to evaluate their skills and determine whether they are a good fit for their teams. Every athlete should have a highlight video that college coaches can easily access and watch, but first, they need to understand what college coaches are looking for and how to capture, edit and promote the footage they are looking to see in their highlight videos. To help you make a memorable highlight video, here are ten suggestions:

Recognize the expectations of the coach

Athletes with a wide range of skills and abilities are sought after by college coaches, but their expectations vary depending on the position. Before you begin filming, make sure you know what the coaches are looking for in your position.

2. Record a lot of videos.

Doing so will give you enough material for a short highlight video that features a variety of plays against high-quality opposition.

3. Use the proper tools

Students should enlist the assistance of a parent, guardian, or coach to record their performances using an iPad, tablet, or a professional camera. A tripod can help keep your video steady.

4. Concentrate on the main participant

Zoom in on the individual players' jersey numbers, footwork, and technical prowess while also capturing the play's overall progression and multiple players when filming. At the beginning of each clip, an arrow, circle, or spotlight should be used to identify the athlete.

5. Begin with your best clips.

Clips that demonstrate your most impressive skills should be the first to be shown to the coach, followed by clips that demonstrate your position-specific skills.

6. Maintain a time limit of no more than four minutes.

Between three and four minutes is the ideal length for a coach to watch your video, but not so long that he or she gets bored. A good rule of thumb is to select 20–30 clips that clearly demonstrate your abilities in your current position.

7. Make sure to include the essentials.

Make it simple for college coaches to get in touch with you after seeing your highlight video by including your name, email, phone number, and that of your high school or club coach at the beginning and end of the video.

8. Forget about the music for a moment.

There is a good chance the coach will be distracted if there is background music in the video.

9. Get the word out about your best clips by sharing them on social media.

The next step is to upload your highlight video to your NCSA Recruiting Profile and YouTube so that college coaches can easily access it. Use a title like "[Full Name] [Sport] Recruiting Video Class of 20[XX]" and include a link to your recruiting profile in the description of your YouTube video when uploading it.

10. Send an introductory email to the coaches.

It is important for recruits who are interested in a program to send an introductory email to the coach so that they can include a link to their highlight video. Visit our introductory email writing guide for more information.

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